I am a product of North Carolina Public Schools, by way of the Wilson County Public School System.  I began my professional career as a teacher at a public school.  Ensuring that our state has a public school system that is serving our children as well as is humanly possible is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, responsibility of the Government of the State of North Carolina.  Our children aren’t just the America of Tomorrow, they are the America of Today, and while charter and private schools remain viable options for some, public education is the common denominator in the American system, and we must make sure it is available for all, and of the highest quality.  


The quality education guaranteed to our children should be free of charge, and should have no bearing on where in our state the child lives.  There is no excuse for per-pupil spending on the state level to be lower just because a child is born in Wilson County and not Mecklenburg, Wake, or Durham.  And just as important is the assurance to our adult citizens of affordable continuing education.  The success of our public institutions of higher education and community colleges can not be overstated if we are to ensure prosperity in North Carolina.  Personal improvement, economic well-being, and overall quality of life all rely on the ability of our citizens to secure necessary education within their economic means. 


Finally, this is all predicated on paying our teachers, instructors, administrators, coaches, support staff, and everyone involved with the well being of a public school what they are worth.  There is no reason North Carolina’s teachers should be among the worst-compensated in the nation.  I will commit to working to ensure that they are soon among the best.  Ours is an exceptional county and an exceptional state.  It’s time for our state government to stop settling for mediocrity in the area that matters most. 

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